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Great Island forms the western side of Wellfleet Harbor and extends about 5 miles from Chequesset Neck towards Eastham. Jeremy Point is a long sand spit extending about one mile beyond the end of Great Island. The sands shift from year to year ever changing the landscape. Go Ashore on a deserted sandy Beach on Great Island. Take a swim in 70 degree water. Have a picnic, or get "lost" in the dunes. The boat will be waiting for you.
Wellfleet Harbor

Great Island Beach-Harbor and Bay sides
Hobie21 beachingit

Busy weekend at Great island, Harbor side
Michelle, Marissa, and Amanda beaching it on Great Island, Bay side

Destination:  Jeremy Point (Billingsgate Island in background)
Billingsgate Island once comprised 50 acres with houses and people living there.  By the 1920's it washed away and the houses were floated to the mainland.  All that remains is a rocky shoal.
Jeremy Point Jeremy-Billinsgate

This is the very tip of Jeremy Point about 1/2 mile past the end of Great Island at dead low tide.  The shoals of Billingsgate Island are exposed in the background. Jeremy Point with Billingsgate Island in background  at low tide.
Destination: Great Island Inner Marsh
The Great Island inner marsh has a very small hidden entrance protected by a sand bar on the south, and narrow entrance from the north.  It can be accessed at high tide, and is ideal for kayakers.  I always wanted to take my boat in there. July 31 we had light winds and high tide so we tried it.
Great Island inner
              marsh marsh1

John, (pushing off the bottom with boathook)          
 "This marsh is cool"
Marsh looking west towards Cape Cod Bay

marsh2 Robin marsh

Marsh looking west-detail                                       
 See the harbor on the other side of the beach!

Great Island and Jeremy Point at Low Tide


Great island Bay side low tide looking north
Cape Cod Bay at low tide off Great Island with Provincetown Monument in distance


Great Island Bay Side at low tide looking southwest..
Cape Cod Bay at low tide looking west

Blackfish Creek
Blackfish Creek forms an inlet between Lieutenants Island and Indian Neck.  You can see it from the road across from the South Wellfleet General Store.  It is named after the "Blackfish" or Pilot Whales which go aground here routinely, and have for hundreds of years.  Previously gathered for food and oil, the Marine Mammal Rescue League now tries to rescue these cetaceans and take them back out to sea.  No one knows why they strand themselves here.
blackfish creek
blackfish creek

Shore of Blackfish Creek
Blackfish Creek Houses

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